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2009 NHL ticket price trends

The North American economy is not in shambles, but its also far from booming. Unemployment is high in both Canada and the United States, the stock markets are still trying to lick its wounds and people in general are living with some level of economic uncertainty.

With this backdrop, it was interesting to see the 2009 report Team Marketing report (.pdf) on ticket prices. On average, ticket prices have stayed the same. It probably shouldn't come as a surprise to Torontonians to see that the Maple Leafs lead the way when it comes to price hikes, with a 10% increase. The current Stanley Cup champs, Pittsburgh Penguins are second with an 8% increase.

The Leafs also topped findings when it comes for an average family of four to attend a NHL hockey game. It would cost $585.57 for a family to attend a Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre, when you account for tickets, parking, food and souvenirs. The Tampa Bay Lightening were the cheapest at $221.04.

Some of the other NHL teams that have raised ticket prices include:

Washington Capitals - 7.4%
New York Rangers - 7.1%
New York Islanders - 5.4%
Montreal Canadiens - 5%
St Louis Blues - 4.3%
Edmonton Oilers - 3%

On the flip side, the biggest decreases in tickets prices were:

Tampa Bay Lightening - (16.5%)
New Jersey Devils - (15.9%)
Boston Bruins - (10.5%)
Florida Panthers - (7.3%)
Vancouver Canucks - (5.8%)
Dallas Stars - (5.7%)
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