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Capital juggernaut

The Washington Capitals are off to a blazing start, scoring 10 goals in the opening two games. I realize that this is VERY early in the season, but the Capitals team has some impressive (young) offensive stars. In their game this past Saturday, the Caps simply outclassed the Toronto Maple Leafs scoring 6 goals. But this game also showed the potential achilles heal of the young team - inconsistent defensive play. The Leafs were able to make a game of it in the third period, but the offensive skill of the Capitals was clearly apparent.

I am also kicking myself for not taking any Caps in my hockey pool. Brooks Laich was highly touted in one of the pre-season reports I was using, but I pretty much forgot about him. So far he has 5 points in the first 2 games :(

It should be fun seeing how the Caps evolve throughout the season. A team stacked with Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, Laich, Knuble, Morrison and Green should really be able to light it up on the offensive end. But its a long, hard season...and we will find out what Varlamov and Theodore are made of.
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