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Olympics, NHLPA in disarray, Mike Modano and more

  1. NHL players may not be participating in future Olympics, at least those that are outside North America. In a recent interview, Gary Bettman shared his views on why it makes little sense to disturb the NHL regular season Olympics that wouldn't showcase the game and league in prime time. This will prove to be an interesting point during the next contract negotiations with the NHLPA.

  2. Speaking of the NHL Players Association, this organization is once again looking to salvage its image as an association in total disarray.

  3. Mike Modano starts his 20th NHL season with the Dallas Stars (counting when they were the Minnesota North Stars). In the age of free agency, you have to tip your hat to Modano and the Stars for showing this commitment. He's had a superb career and benefited from his time in the legaue, as have the Stars.

  4. In local Toronto sports news, the FAN 590 will be cutting down on its coverage of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  5. The Colorado Avalanche made Joe Sakic's special night even more memorable by defeating the visiting San Jose Sharks 5-2 on opening night. The Avs also retired Sakic's number "19" before the game.

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