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NHL kicks off 2009-10 season

The 2009-10 NHL regular season kicked off tonight with four games being played. Among them is one in Denver, Colorado where NHL great Joe Sakic saw his number 19 raised to the rafters of the Pepsi Centre. The Maple Leafs also played tonight; taking on the Montreal Canadiens in Toronto. They blew a 3-2 lead late in the third period to lose to the Habs in overtime. The drama in Phoenix continues to be a distraction for everyone. This week has been no different as bankruptcy judge Redfield T. Baum rejected both Jim Balsille and the NHL's current bids to buy the dwindling franchise.

Balsillie was looking to purchase the Coyotes and hopefully move them to Hamilton, Ontario. Canadian hockey fans are incensed at the NHL's stance which looks to be preventing more NHL teams in Canada. An article by Charlie Gillis and Michael Friscolanti in Macleans has generated some very passionate responses from Canadian readers. I think southern Ontario could easily support another NHL franchise but I don't believe Hamilton is the ideal location for this team. Balsille was probably Hamilton's best (if not only) hope to get a team in that city, and with him now out of the picture, it is unclear if anyone else will step up to the plate.
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