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Are the Toronto Maple Leafs shopping for front office help?

The Toronto Maple Leafs barely ended their 5 game losing streak by defeating a flu depleted Carolina Hurricanes team 5-4. The team's poor showing on the ice has created some rumblings about the fate of its general manager, John Ferguson Jr and even the head coach, Paul Maurice. Earlier this week, several sources reported that the top brass at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) had started looking for an experienced hockey executive who could take over the general manager responsibilities on an interim basis. One name who the Leafs have apparently spoken (tampered) with is Hall of Famer Cliff Fletcher, currently enjoying his retirement from hockey. Fletcher's entry into the Leafs sweepstakes is somewhat ironic because he was pretty much driven out of town in 1997 after some very successful years at the helm of the Maple Leafs.

Fletcher has not made any public comments, but these rumours come on the heels of another revelation that was made by fellow Hall of Famer Scotty Bowman. He was approached by MLSE last summer about a position with the Maple Leafs and would have gladly joined the organization if he complete control of the hockey operations. MLSE though was not ready to give up that control to Bowman, as they had to Bryan Colangelo who has been very successful in turning around the Raptors. I guess the top brass at MLSE feel that they know a thing or two about hockey so need someone they can override and manipulate. So someone like John Ferguson fits the bill...but as long as they keep meddling, the Leafs will just continue to suck. What's the point of having a general manager when the "board of governors" has to approve everything to do with the hockey operations.
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This news has now been confirmed. Earlier this morning, John Ferguson Jr was fired by Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment and Cliff Fletcher has been brought in as interim General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
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