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Stanley Cup Final is (finally) underway

After an excruciatingly long wait, the Stanley Cup Finals get underway in Anaheim, California this evening. This should be a very competitive series but the NHL may have managed to really screw it up. The bigwigs in New York have allowed themselves to be pushed around all playoffs by the US television networks and now, have seen a poorly planned Ducks schedule really come home to bite them.

This series should have started last week - at the very latest on Saturday. Instead, we have now had such a long layoff from hockey that the league will likely have a hard time building up any momentum. The NHL is quickly becoming the laugingstock of the major North American professional leagues, with the lack of media coverage that the Stanley Cup finals are likely to generate. Apart from the Canadian contingent, there is expected to be little to no presence from the major American dailies. The league has truly managed to marginalize one of the most exciting playoffs in pro-sports with their boneheaded decisions.
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